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KSC International Space Academy

At the International Space Academy, we recognize the universal fascination young people have with space exploration and the world’s efforts to unravel the great mysteries that space holds.

​We believe this fascination can be harnessed and used to draw students into STEM-related educational programs that focus on space exploration in a modern, engaging and exciting manner. Through these programs, we hope students will see how STEM skills are essential to those who explore space…and the many other ways extraordinary people with STEM skills impact our lives everyday. Once students see the exciting and world-changing ways these skills can be applied, we hope they will find new motivation to acquire those skills and put them to good use for all of mankind.

​It was this hope that brought the founders of KSCIA together to create an immersive and experiential, proprietary educational program that is truly unique and groundbreaking.

Designed for international high school students, the program offers students an opportunity to travel to the heart of the U.S. Space Program  – the historic NASA Kennedy Space Center at the Florida Space Coast. Once here, they are immersed in ​STEM-oriented and space-related educational activities that enable them to learn and understand space exploration, as well as other STEM pursuits, in a way that simply can not be done anywhere else in the world.

We call it the International Journey of Science and Technology… and we invite you to join us in this amazing journey.