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Jones Edmunds

Jones Edmunds is a Florida-based, infrastructure and environmental engineering corporation that has been providing quality consulting services to public and private entities in Florida since 1974. At Jones Edmunds, client service means more than just a good technical product. We are committed to providing unrivaled service – a standard our associates work to achieve and are recognized for delivering. Through our commitment to serving our clients, we have also developed a solid reputation with federal and state regulatory and funding personnel throughout Florida.

Space Florida’s stated mission is committing to space exploration by returning to the moon and someday going to Mars. To meet these goals, the aerospace industry must enable the process by optimizing capabilities and operations. Jones Edmunds is supporting Space Florida’s mission by providing infrastructure and environmental solutions to the Aerospace Industry.

Jones Edmunds has performed over 400 task assignments for spaceport and aerospace client over the past 30 years. These projects include master planning, studies, designs, permitting, and construction support. We provide the aerospace industry with common and complex civil infrastructure planning, design, and construction-phase services in the following areas:

Water Distribution and Pumping Stations

Wastewater Collection and Treatment

Stormwater Management

Parking Facilities and Roadways


Coastal Shoreline Management



Hazardous Materials Testing

Specialized Ground Transportation Infrastructure

Geotechnical Investigations

Ecology and Environmental Science

Construction Engineering and Inspection

Project Management and Cost Estimating