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Rocket Crafters Inc.

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Rocket Crafters, based in Florida’s Space Coast, is an emerging propulsion and launch company focused on producing the safest, most reliable, and affordable rocket engine ever produced.  The space industry has long been searching for a payload-to-orbit transport system that is safe, reliable, and powerful, with a price that is driven by the market and not the cost of the hardware.

By harnessing the power of 3D printing, Rocket Crafters developed their STAR-3DTM hybrid rocket engine technology, overcoming the deficiencies that are typically associated with hybrid engines. Rocket Crafters produces engines that are truly safe, throttleable, affordable, and reliable. With our patent-pending fuel grains, innovative production methods, and mechanically simple designs, our engines avoid the risks and costs associated with complex engines. Rocket Crafters can rapidly scale to any operational need as well as swiftly produce to consumer demand. Compiling these advances uniquely postures the company to serve the small satellite space industry.

Embracing a true entrepreneurial spirit, the company is led by an exceptional crew of innovators including a former astronaut, a distinguished military space and missile strategist, an aerospace leader, and the financial expert from the world of high-speed trading. Research and development teams are recruited from the nation’s best schools, with a heavy focus from those in our region, and led by some of the most prominent and exceptional modern minds in the industry.

We have successfully demonstrated our operational scale hybrid rocket engine.  It fires consistently, smoothly, and with an unprecedented regression rate. Engine sales are in progress and our first test launch is on schedule to occur in 2020.