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Brazil-Florida Chamber of Commerce

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The leading voice of business and driving force for Florida’s future.


Leading Florida to a new and sustainable economy.

Securing Florida’s Future

For nearly a century, the Florida Chamber of Commerce has fought for free enterprise and worked to secure Florida’s future. Through research, advocacy and leadership, the Florida Chamber Foundation, the Florida Chamber of Commerce and the Florida Chamber Political Operations work together to help make our vision of Florida’s future a reality.

This vision led to the development of a long-term strategic plan for Florida, also known as the Six Pillars™ 20-year Strategic Plan. As we faced the closing years of the last decade, Florida’s economy was clearly changing and the politics of Florida were calling for the business community to unite. Despite temporary loss in population growth, it was clear Florida would be facing an expanded population between five and seven million more residents by the year 2030. We must do a better job planning for the next seven million Floridians than we did for the last seven million.

Solutions. Action. Leadership.

To achieve the shared agenda built on a long-term vision, something had to change. The Florida Chamber Foundation needed to focus on identifying SOLUTIONS to challenges facing Florida. The Florida Chamber needed to take ACTION based on the analysis and output from the Foundation. The Florida Chamber Political Operations needed to develop LEADERSHIP in the political arena to address tough issues with real solutions.

There needed to be one framework for the business community, and the Six Pillars for Florida’s Future provided that. Metrics and benchmarks were needed to illustrate the state’s progress (or regress) toward goals in the plan, and The Florida Scorecard™ is the tool that provides that measurement platform. The Florida Chamber put the Foundation out in front of our efforts with the Six Pillars and The Florida Scorecard and positioned the rest of the Florida Chamber enterprise to support the Six Pillars.

None of this would be possible without members of the Florida Chamber of Commerce supporting the shared vision for a prosperous state and its thriving communities competing successfully in a global marketplace. There is still much work to do, but with Florida’s business community united in the effort to secure Florida’s future, we can set the example for the rest of the nation.