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Blue Origin

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Blue Origin, LLC (Blue Origin) is a private company developing vehicles and technologies enabling commercial human space transportation at dramatically lower cost. We are building Blue Origin to seed an enduring human presence in space, to help us move beyond this blue planet that is the origin of all we know. We are pursuing this vision patiently, step-by-step. Our fantastic team is working hard not just to build space vehicles, but to bring closer the day when millions of people can live and work in space.

Blue Origin has adopted an incremental approach and is currently focused on rocket-powered Vertical Takeoff and Vertical Landing (VTVL) vehicle development enabling access to both suborbital and orbital space. We are also one of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program partners working together to enable safe, affordable crew transport to low-Earth orbit.


Blue Origin recently announced that we’ll be flying our orbital launch vehicle from the Florida Space Coast at Complex 36. One of the unique things about our Florida operations is that we aren’t just launching here, we’re building here. At Exploration Park, we’ll have a 21st century production facility where we’ll focus on manufacturing our reusable fleet of orbital launchers and readying them for flight again and again. Locating vehicle assembly near our launch site eases the challenge of processing and transporting really big rockets.

We’ll be launching from here later this decade. You will hear us before you see us. Our American-made BE-4 engine – the power behind our orbital launch vehicle – will be acceptance tested here. Our BE-4 engine will also help make history as it powers the first flight of United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan rocket.